Soccer Quick Score

A fun game that develops soccer skills of Speed, Accuracy and Endurance. Some of the fundamentals of soccer skills are speed. Speed to get to the ball and speed to kick the ball. Accuracy to kick the ball where you want it to go. Endurance is the lasting energy to continue using your speed and accuracy to win at the game of soccer.

For All Ages

All ages can use the SQS.
From 1 - 5 players per side.

Small Space

The ground space required for SQS is only 15' x 30'

Soccer Skills Development

Develops soccer skills of speed, accuracy and endurance

Simple rules: 

Objective: the first team to get all six balls on one side of the center fence wins.

Start by placing 3 soccer balls on the white spots on both sides of the middle fence. 

Choose any combination of teams: 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, or even 4 on 4 (for 2-5 year old children). Combinations of 2 big players can challenge 3 or 4 younger players. Give your teams names if you like.

Players stand behind “their” balls facing the 2 way goal. Have someone say “ready set kick” – then both teams start kicking the soccer balls through the 2 way goal. 

If a person kicks a ball over the fence, the other team wins. If balls collide and one ball goes out, just keep playing.

If you grab ahold of the middle fence around the 2-way goal, the other team wins. 

Purchasing Options



We provide all materials and do the total installation.

Cost : $8,000 - $9,000


Materials Only 

Includes plans, synthetic turf, and foam pads under the turf.  The material provided does not include the lumber or fencing - they are to be purchased locally. Shipping and tax are not included. Call for samples of the synthetic turf and foam.

Turf & 1 ½ inch foam pads :  $1,960


Purchase Plans

Details instructions, material lists, layout, amounts of stone & granite dust, list of required tools, etc.  

Cost : $95


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